At Green College Consulting we are committed to providing YOU with objective advice with no conflict of interest. School provided college counselors must manage applications on a class-wide level. Knowing that universities will only accept a finite number of students from any given high school, they can sometime steer students away from applying to certain universities because it might give another student in the class a better chance for admission. Our interest, on the other hand, is solely on getting YOU the best result. We will give honest, unbiased feedback throughout the college consulting process helping YOU choose the right schools and put together the strongest possible application so that YOU will achieve the best possible results.

We always recommend having a complimentary initial evaluation first to determine which plan makes the most sense for you. Call (844) GCC-ASAP or e-mail info@greencollegeconsulting.com to get started today.

We will notify you when there is one hour left on your plan. At that time, you can continue to work with Green College Consulting hourly. You will be charged at the same hourly rate as the plan you are enrolled.

Absolutely! We like working with students over Zoom just as much as in person. No matter where you are in the world, we are here to help.

When you sign up with Green College Consulting, you will be working with Brooke Green, a former admissions officer at University of California at Berkeley who has a Masters in Higher Education from Harvard University. There are no surprises with whom you will be working with throughout the college admissions process. Furthermore, we are available to our clients anytime over e-mail and Skype. Need advice at night or on the weekends? No problem!

Yes, in fact Brooke was a successful junior transfer student herself from Washington University in St. Louis to University of California at Berkeley.

Yes, we have had great success with students overseas (provided the student speaks English).

Great news! Call (844) GCC-ASAP or e-mail us at info@greencollegeconsulting.com to finalize details. From there, Brooke will reach out to you to schedule your first in-person or virtual meeting.