As our son gets ready to go off to University of Chicago this fall, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible support you provided not only to him but also to me and my husband to navigate through the challenging process. Simply put, we couldn't have done it without you!

As you know, our college application process was particularly convoluted, intertwined with baseball recruiting that needed the alignment of which D3 coaches were interested in him and which school he had a good shot at getting in academically. You helped us navigate through putting together a balanced list and also pointed out gaps in his resume/activities list so that we can focus on filling those during the summer.

We really loved that you had him use his own words on the essays but gave invaluable tips on where to go deeper and more specific while making less relevant content succinct. That not only helped strengthen his application from other vast pool of more than qualified candidates for highly selective schools, but also saved the family from unnecessary fights and debates. We're glad he ignored our advice and listened to you!

Last but not least, you were our emotional support, a de facto family counselor, during the challenging time for us, and we couldn't have asked for a better support to get through it all. While we're relieved to have this process behind us, we do miss our counseling sessions!

S.C., Vice President, Finance - Apple Inc (MBA)
A.C., CFO, WalkMe (MBA)

Our family was concerned about the application process due to our son having High Functioning Autism. Even though he had good grades, we knew that keeping up with deadlines for all the different colleges and different requirements would be a challenge. Brooke made the whole process seamless. Our son found her understanding, respectful, patient and fun to work with, as did we. Happy to announce that he got into every Engineering Program he applied to and several of the schools Honors Programs as well. Our second high-schooler is now on her college application journey working with Brooke.